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The Circle – Simple C# Math

Today we are going to write a simple console application that takes in values that we give and determines whether or not the points we input lie inside the circle, on the circle or outside the circle.



Coplanar Math in C#

Geometric objects lying in a common plane are said to be coplanar. Three noncollinear points determine a plane and so are trivially coplanar. Four points are coplanar iff the volume of the tetrahedron defined by them is 0, The console program below works out the mathematics behind the caculations of three points on a line and determines whether or not the input values […]


C# Convert letter from Lower to Upper

In this quick tutorial we are going to ask for a lower case letter input and convert that letter to upper case.

Pretty Simple Program! Enjoy


The perfect LinkedIn programmer profile.

With more than 300 million users and 2 new users signing up per second LinkedIn is widely known to be one of the biggest networks online. LinkedIn accredits its success to the niche it caters for, that of the job market. With LinkedIn’s geographical reach of 200 countries and territories and its 100 million US […]


Basic C# Syntax

What is Syntax? In computer science, the syntax of a computer language is the set of rules that defines the combinations of symbols that are considered to be a correctly structured document or fragment in that language. This applies both to programming languages, where the document represents source code, and markup languages, where the document […]


Aggregate Operators LINQ Part 2

LINQ Operators in ASP.NET – Aggregate Operators Aggregate = Applies a function over a sequence. Average = Computes the average of a sequence of numeric values. Count, LongCount = Counts the number of elements in a sequence. Max = Finds the maximum of a sequence of numeric values. Min = Finds the minimum of a […]


LINQ Operators ASP.NET

What is a LINQ operator? LINQ operators are a collection of 50 methods. These operators can execute against diverse data sources. Operators can be used locally to query an object in memory but can also be used when working with objects stored in a relational database, in XML, behind a web service and more. Lets […]


Miscellaneous Operators LINQ Part 8

LINQ Operators in ASP.NET – Miscellaneous Operators Original Post Temp = Temporary Text. Related Atricles Restriction Operators LINQ Part 1 Aggregate Operators LINQ Part 2 Conversion Operators LINQ Part 3 Element Operators LINQ Part 4 Generation Operators LINQ Part 5 Grouping Operators LINQ Part 6 Join Operators LINQ Part 7 Miscellaneous Operators LINQ Part 8 […]