C# – Anagram Checker

  So what is an anagram!? : An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for exampleDoctor Who can be rearranged into Torchwood. Someone who creates anagrams may be called an “anagrammatist”.[1] The original word or phrase […]


C# Patterns with Console.

This article is going to advance through the practice of drawing patterns within the console. We will use the triangle as an example. Triangle: 1 I am showing two techniques of doing this using a simple for loop. The first one will be like this:

And the second will follow this:




Scientific Calculator in C# – Tutorial

Scientific Calculator in C#   In this article we will be exploring the development of a scientific calculator from start to finish in C#. This code is provided completely free for educational purposes.         To begin lets open up a new Visual Studio project – Windows Forms application as displayed below. Select […]


Sort Array C# – Multidimensional

Sort Array C# The objective of this tutorial is to create a multidimensional array accepting input from a user and storing that input in an array.

Displayed is the output from our program:


Sort Array C# – Single Dimension

Sort Array c# Our task here is to write a single dimension program for sorting an array of elements that have been inputted by a user in the console. We want to accept the integer values and then sort the input in ascending order and display the output. Below is the solution to our sorting […]


Basic C# Syntax

What is Syntax? In computer science, the syntax of a computer language is the set of rules that defines the combinations of symbols that are considered to be a correctly structured document or fragment in that language. This applies both to programming languages, where the document represents source code, and markup languages, where the document […]


Aggregate Operators LINQ Part 2

LINQ Operators in ASP.NET – Aggregate Operators Aggregate = Applies a function over a sequence. Average = Computes the average of a sequence of numeric values. Count, LongCount = Counts the number of elements in a sequence. Max = Finds the maximum of a sequence of numeric values. Min = Finds the minimum of a […]


LINQ Operators ASP.NET

What is a LINQ operator? LINQ operators are a collection of 50 methods. These operators can execute against diverse data sources. Operators can be used locally to query an object in memory but can also be used when working with objects stored in a relational database, in XML, behind a web service and more. Lets […]